Meaning of Making Series: Ceramics/Shelves / 2003 - 2006

Readymade and handmade ceramic tableware, handmade wooden shelves

Having worked in the replication of IKEA furniture and products for my IKEA Living Project Series, I started learning pottery, to continue my exploration into the manual replication of commercially manufactured products or already existing objects created by someone else - this time, tableware. The first stage of this project was showcased in My Life is Bigger Than 641 Square Feet at Fly Gallery. After a couple years of training, I managed to fabricate a number of hand-thrown facsimiles of IKEA and Martha Stewart Everyday tableware, which I presented in Readymade : Map at the Tokyo Wonder Site in Tokyo and at + gallery in Nagoya in 2006. The non-descriptive white bowls and cups sat on floating wooden shelves similar to the ones IKEA furniture stores often use to display their products, yet once again, I manufactured them as multiples. In this ongoing series, I continue to examine the meaning of "(object) making", the functions of "making", and ultimately, the functions of the made objects, in relation to so-called art-making, artwork, and the artist as a maker. I am also interested in addressing our common and potentially troublesome passion for the process of making, despite little or no real need of the end products. Now for the final stage of this project, I am waiting for the most appropriate function of these objects to arrive.

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