A native of Japan, Shinobu Akimoto started life and art in Canada in the early 1990's and became known as a visual artist through national and international presentations of her "project-based" installations. During the last decade, she has adopted an itinerant lifestyle that has interrupted a consistent involvement in any single art community; she has re-examined and re-evaluated her desire and capacity as a visual practitioner and now attempts to engage in contemporary art through extended means and pathways. Through such, she continues to use artmaking as a means to follow the lifestyle she wants to live, while addressing the ever-changing state and significance of "art" in our time. She seeks co-conspirators from all fields who may share a similar sentiment and imagination. She has been a co-director of Residency for Artists On Hiatus (RFAOH) since 2013. #artmakingaslifestyle

As of 2015; updated in 2023


(In 1970) Allan Kaprow wrote: "..there is art at the service of art (artlike art) and at the service of life (lifelike art)". Perhaps, we are now in the age where there is "life at the service of art (artlike life)", and soon, there will be "life at the service of life (lifelike life)".*

*Excerpt from the artist's graduate thesis: L. M. R. (Last month's Rent or Living Making Reflex), 1999