While practicing as a visual artist, I have utilized my bilingual ability to teach, translate, write, facilitate cross-cultual events, and assist curatorial reserch visits in Japan, specifically in the field of contemporary art. Initialted as a way to support myself while pursuing my art career, I now consider these involvements as an extension of my cultural/artistic practice and a form of pedagogical communication outside educational institutions. I strongly believe that an awareness of the multi-cultural or multi-societal aspects of contemporary artworld is crucial and strive to support artists interested in reaching outside their own community. Such will equip us with our own approach towards the globalization of art, while opening up an endless potential to connect with the international art community.


To view sample translations or pose any questions regarding my capacity in this arena, please contact mail@shinobuakimoto.com   Artist's URL




過去の翻訳サンプルのリクエストや、この分野に関するお問い合わせは mail@shinobuakimoto.com までどうぞ。美術活動のページは




A list of selected cross-cultural involvement in contemporary art and culture / 近年の活動抜粋: