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My life is bigger than 641 square feet / Fly Gallery, Toronto, Canada / 2004

My Life is Bigger Than 641 Square Feet was a test run for the meaning of making series, realized at the late Fly Gallery - Window for Art on Queen Street West in Toronto. I created a "storefront" display with my early handmade and readymade ceramic tableware, placed on a handmade table, and surrounded with a shelf and curtain all slightly smaller than in real-life. Further extending the strategy and spirit intiated in my previous IKEA Living Project Series, this new project continued to explore the manual replication of commercially manufactured products. This time, I attempted to imitate "Martha Stewart or IKEA type" ceramic tableware. The strategy of replicating real-world objects in art-making is nothing new; a number of contemporary sculptors have simulated our daily surroundings in various materials. My strategy fundamentally differed from that of these artists' as I attempted to produce objects that resemble the originals in their appearance, material and if desired, function as well. The simulation of lifestyle objects (products) was not an investigation of the definitions of "art" and/or "other things" (i.e. craft, hobby, style, decoration etc.). Rather, it was an examination of the diverse methods of building or identifying one's lifestyle (in my case, that of an artist) - whether by choosing objects or by choosing the destination of one's own activities.

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