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The Silence of Animals / Pepper's Loft Gallery, Tokyo, Japan / 2004

My Tokyo debut exhibition The Silence of Animals (After The Two-Minute Miracles), was a two-person show with Matthew Evans, for which I presented a 20-inch TV monitor version of BACKYARD, along with a new project. The latter, tentatively called "Yet to be Titled 1,2 (Meaning of Making Series)", served as another phase of my ongoing exploration into the manual replication of commercially manufactured products or already existing objects created by someone else. This time, my source material came from 100 yen stores in Japan, the products of unknown labourers which inevitably touch the troublesome issues surrounding "makers'" identity. (this time even politically so) Here, these simultaneously chintzy and attractive 100 yen store's wooden miniature products are replicated in an identical scale or life size (put into use on the terrace of the gallery). This endeavour later developed into different directions and contributed to the construction of new projects.


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