Photo-Litho Project / 2004 - 2005

12 famed colour and black/white lithographs, Loose black/whilte or 2 – 3 colour lithographs, Colour photocopies, Table

For the Photo-Litho Project, I had collected both Canadian and Japanese flyer and catalogue advertisements for accessories for pets and pet owners, and manually duplicated these ads using a technique of primary-colour separation in photo-plate lithography. Besides their commercial intent, these advertisements of quirky products came across to me as a testament to our peculiar and serious interest in apparently non-sensical or superfluous endeavours and functions, or to our capacity for finding odd sources of entertainment, all of which are often associated with the arena of art. In the meantime, the production of lithographs demands a significant amount of physical labour no matter how "conceptual" the project is, and yet any evidence of such labour is almost denied in the flatness of the end product. I was interested in the slight absurdity (or redundancy) in choosing this laborious process of manual lithography to reproduce "copies" of something, as an equation to the absurdity of our daily world phenomena somewhat reflected in these advertisements of pet products. In the installation, 12 framed lithographs, which looked like bad colour copies made at a corner store were displayed on the wall. Accompanying them was a heap of colour copied clippings of the actual advertisements on a table, suggesting they were free to be taken -- several of my hand-printed lithographs were also buried among them. As multiples they touched the issue of "value", which continues to appear in my other projects.

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