The House Rabbit Society Project Series / 1997 - 1999

Photo etchings of the House Rabbit Society's classified ads | Collaboration with Debra Dressler - 3-D bunny puppet photos | Pennysaver Project

My encounter with the enigmatic classified ads concerning the well-being of house rabbits, posted by the House Rabbit Society in a local paper motivated me to pursue several different projects. Among them were the laborious life-size photo etching re-production of their by-weekly ads, which I collected for 2 years; commissioning Mrs. Debra Dressler, a member of the House Rabbit Society for a hundred bunny finger puppets that she knits to raise money for needy rabbits; and finallly, placing my own “art” work (a logo with a bunny drawing that read: “thank you for your support for art”) with the contact number in the same classified paper (which no one responded to no avail).  These series of interventions materialized my fascination with the queer equivalence I detected between the House Rabbit Society’s dedicated activities and my own activities as an “artist”. I was most attracted to the odd and occasionally poignant humour that the seriousness of ones devotion to any adopted activity unexpectedly delivers. (i.e. the house rabbit society’s charity, Debra Dressler’s passion for knitting, and my determination to live as an artist etc.)