Apartment Project for Come Together @House-Art Space / 2002

Curated by Kevin Hampson -- Curatorial Statement (pdf)

Curated by Kevin Hampson, Come together was a group exhibition where artists were invited to create/showcase their artwork right in his apartment, which he operated as "House-Art Space". I brought in a can of my signature "IKEA moss green" paint and painted around what I designated as representations of a "good-taste" around his living space.

The premise of my Apartment Project for the House-Art Space was sent to the curator in advance as follows:


1. I bring no existing work of mine (or of others' in that matter) into the site. Work is "created" on site with what (who) is there, and integrated (or not) with what (who) is there.


2. As many of my recent projects seem to be derived from my mild obsession with conceptual and physical lifestyle, I may practice a similar idea on this occasion.


3. If #2 is the case, my work will not just occupy or be displayed in the space, but may interrupt or "designate" the regular presence of what (who) is there (a lifestyle). If the work is to be confused with the presence of what (who) is there (a lifestyle), it will be executed in such a way that it challenges the capacity and meaning of the curatorial premise of the House-Art Space. This may mean that I am not responsible for the loss of last month's rent or what they call "key deposit".


Shinobu Akimoto
June, 2002


There is an anecdote that after the show was over and the curator's mother visited his apartment, she commented on the green frame around the windown as "such a lovely idea" and applied the same to her own window at her house. The old school "blurring of".