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Thank you for your interest in my editioned marmalade. The online price of each marmalade/portrait at this point is 10,000 JPY (around 90.00 USD), which includes tracked shipping to anywhere in the world.

When you're ready to make a purchase, please email me to inform which edition number(s) of the marmalade you would like, for example: UR_5/23, 10/22 (1st batch, Beet). (Unfortunately, PayPal no longer provides the "message box" for buyers to put an instruction on their payment page) Please note that the red dot beside the edition number under the thumbnail image indicates that that particular marmalade has been already sold. To purchase more than one, simply change the quantity in PayPal's "purchase details" window. As soon as payment is received, your marmalade will be shipped.


Once you receive your marmalade in the mail, you'll find the passcode printed on the bottom of the jar, and that will let you download the high-resolution image file of your marmalade from the site. I recommend printing the marmalade portrait at 300dpi in CMYK, no larger than 21 x 28 cm (8½ x 11 inches) on high quality photo paper using a high-quality printer, or at a professional photolab for the best result. However, it is of course your call how you would like to print it, if at all; at least, you're the sole collector of the image file.

At this time, I am also offering selected marmalade and their accoumanying portraits already downloaded, professionally printed and framed. (indicated with blue dots) The size of the print is 9.3 cm x 13.5 cm, making the marmalade jar "lifesize". The price is the same and you will receive both the jar of marmalade and the framed portrait; however, you will have no access to the downloadable image file.

To purchase one either way, please click the Buy Now button ↑ ↓ and you'll be directed to the PayPal window. Make sure you tell me the edition number you desire via email.


As implied in the project description, this price is not fixed and will likely increase as the number of the remaining jars of marmalade decreases in the suite. Likewise, should you purchase it in person at a sale, the price may be less but I'm not sure if the difference will compensate the cost of a flight to Japan or any other sale points. The information about these in-person sales in the future will be listed on the same page.

My editioned marmalade is made with our own organic summer oranges with either unrefined sugar (UR) or beet sugar (B) and nothing else. The jar is vacuum-sealed but once opened, it should be kept in the fridge and consumed within 2 - 3 weeks.

Thank you again and if you have any questions, or problem with the online purchase process, please contact me. If you are interested in other obscure things you can buy from me, please visit → SHOP.

All the best,

Shinobu Akimoto