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Spring Tea Party for Looking for Dick @ Open Studio / Toronto, Canada / 2002

Audio recording, speakers, plexi-glass shelves, MSE member's card, Dimension variable

Failing to win a free ticket or to be invited to Martha Stewart's "spring tea party" held on an occasion of launching her business for the Japanese market (and thus failing to ask Ms. Stewart about the relationship between "art" and "art of everyday life"), Shinobu Akimoto made an audio recording of a morning TV show featuring Stewart's recent visit and her tea party in Japan. Akimoto also "researched" Martha Stewart's products catered to the Japanese audience and obtained a "Martha Stewart Everyday Member's Card" from a local department store upon the purchase of some of her products. The Spring Tea Party 2002, Japan is an outcome of many daily encounters in Akimoto's everyday life that continue to make the artist ponder the usual, perhaps obsolete wonders on the authority and politics of the "artistic".


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